Next Generation December Newsletter

Winter is upon us and it’s a wonderful reminder of Christ’s work in our lives. The snow falls on our yards and covers those ugly blemishes that seem to clutter the yard in the summer. Making everything even the biggest eye sore becomes the most beautiful sight. 

Next Generation has been going through some changes over the 2014 year. My wife Melanie and I have been here at New Hope Evangelical Free Church for year now. Wow how the time has flown. We have seen teenagers come and go over this past year but one thing that stays the same is the never changing desire to see the lives of teenagers changed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes as Youth Pastors we get caught up in the desire for larger youth groups and a famous reputation within the church world as a thriving youth ministry. 

Next Generation is striving not to be the next famous youth ministry, but to be the most effective to its surrounding area reaching the next generation. This past year has brought some fun activities such as the winter fun day in February and the video game lock in at the church lasting the entire night as teens battled it out on xbox, Nintendo, game cube as well as other game consoles at the begging of December. We are planning to introduce more fun nights, movie nights, outdoor activities along with relevant bible messages, that reach the teens for the 2015 year. There is a saying in youth ministry that goes something like this “Teens are the judges of what is cool and what’s not. On a daily basis the coolness of one thing fades and another is introduced.”  Next Generation is not only keeping instep with the almost daily changing culture but we are also keeping in mind the parents. Parents are a key role in youth ministry. We desire to work with each parent to encourage them and learn from them as they are the ones living daily in the trenches of this world raising the children that will be the leaders of the next generation. That’s our goal here at New Hope as well. I am so excited about 2015, and what new things are in store for New Hope. The youth ministry here is thriving with growth in the personal lives of our teenagers. We currently have two teenagers who are looking to go into the ministry. One has the passion to become a Pastor, and the other a Youth Pastor. We have a great group of kids who my wife, myself and our church body are proud of. They have grown in maturity, faith, and Bible knowledge.

I welcome you to come out on a Friday night 6:30pm-7:30pm, and see what we are all about. I am sure once you experience one night, you will always want to come back. 

In Christ Love,

Youth Pastor: Glen Cossaboom

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